About Me

I'm Taylor Lynn, a Young Professional & Entrepreneur!

I’m Taylor Lynn! I enjoy encouraging young women and spreading knowledge. Why? Because I love sharing things. Whether it’s marketing tips that I have learned along my entrepreneurship journey, career and job advice from top industry executives, or even my favorite places to shop – if it’s made my life better, I am happy to share!

I am a Fall 2020 graduate who earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. When choosing this major I always thought it would be easy to get obtain a job. Well, I didn’t see a pandemic ruining my senior year! Navigating through internship and job programs during this time was one of the hardest and most competitive things I’ve had to do.

I’m here to share with you my real experiences during this period where “normal” will never be the same. I want to express my two cents to not only show others that their dreams are still attainable but to encourage them with tips as there is no better time than now to create a better you!

My Mission

To creatively inspire others and be a servant to make someone else's life easier.

Undergraduate Programs

Being involved was the best thing I did in college…
HBO & HBO Max Campus Ambassador
CBS Sports HQ Brand Ambassador
Intern Queen Junior Board Ambassador
Lead Marketing Intern at Auburn Athletics Department