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I’m Taylor Lynn! I enjoy encouraging young women and spreading knowledge. Why? Because I love sharing things. Whether it’s marketing tips that I have learned along my entrepreneurship journey, career and job advice from top industry executives, or even my favorite places to shop – if it’s made my life better, I am happy to share!

Areas of Experience

The college experience isn’t how you imagined it would be? Check out these tips on how to make the best out of your college experience.

Did you graduate in the middle of a pandemic like me? How did you overcome the challenges? Let’s figure out this “adulting” thing together. Feel free to share your stories with me!

Want to know how top industry workers are navigating the work from home life? Check out these articles for advice and tips on how corporate life has changed. Feel free to connect with them on LinkedIn as well!

Have you started or are wanting to start your own small business? Check out these lessons I learned in the early stages of entrepreneurship! 

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Industry Feature: Networking in a Pandemic

Feeling worried about finding a job or internship post-grad? Here are five tips from a content creator at HBO Max Originals just for you!

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are you a college student that needs Help?

Worried about handling college during a pandemic? You didn’t receive a stimulus check either? Here are a few tips to help!